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Canned Wild BC Albacore Tuna & Wild BC Salmon, and Smoked Salmon Retort Pouches.

Tanya-Ray Fishing

is a husband and wife team that have a passion for providing the best quality of seafood to the consumer. Danny is a 2nd generation fisherman that fishes their vessels from the Alaska border and the full BC coastline. Kelsey is the face at the markets with her bubbly personality and enthusiasm to help you buy and prepare Seafood for your feast. Her moto is

What Makes Our Products Different?

It has a lot to do with how the fish has been handled. You can have two of the very same species of fish caught in the same area that look, feel and taste completely different. Why? It all depends on how that fish was handled the moment it was caught. Line caught? Net or dragger? Was it cleaned instantly Or left in the round? Iced or frozen? Ocean or River? All these methods affect the quality of your seafood.

Looking for Frozen Seafood?

We offer frozen seafood orders to BC Interior residents on our main website, where you can order Wild BC Salmon, Albacore Tuna , Sidestripe Shrimp and more! We can make arrangements for local delivery or pickup at one of our event locations.